Welcome to Brews & Stews!

“Hello, world!”  Thus says every tech guru’s very first computer program, and it is with these words that I welcome you to my brand-spankin’ new blog.  Hi!  Thanks for stumbling your way here across the vast landfill of hidden treasures that is the internet of today!  But why here?  Why now?  I’ll tell you why you are here:

  • You may be interested in learning more about food and beverages in general.
  • You may be looking for neat recipes to try.
  • You may be interested in starting to brew your own beer, wine, or mead.
  • Or ferment your own vinegar, cheese, kombucha, or kraut.
  • You may already be a homebrewer and be looking for technical details about brewing.
  • You may be a homebrew “tinkerer” looking for ideas or plans for building gear.
  • You may be looking for more information about brewing ingredients or processes.
  • You may be interested in better beer appreciation (learning how to evaluate beer).
  • You may be interested in becoming a certified Beer Judge with the BJCP.
  • You may be interested in becoming a Certified Beer Server or Certified Cicerone.
  • You may be interested in becoming a professional brewer or meadmaker.

I will at some point, be touching on all of these things (and more).  Finally, I suppose:

  • You may know me and just be interested in the weird ramblings that spill from my head in between all of the other beer-and-food stuff on this blog.

If this is the case, I can assure you that reading this blog will be much like talking to me in person – I write stream-of-consciousness for the most part and tend to write as if I were speaking.  So, yes, there’ll be those times of dry technical blibber-blabber that only my engineering- and geek-minded friends will want to wade through…and there’ll be those semi-related side anecdotes fill of witty humour or an odd off-the-wall silliness.  You’ll get a bit of all of it…it’ll be like the weather in New England:  “if you don’t like it, just wait a minute….it’ll change.”


So, to sum up:  welcome!  I hope you’re into beer and food!!!