A few of my favorite online resources, communities, and other places (in no particular order):

Chop & Brew – Chip Walton’s video podcast project features his now-signature sense of humour across the tableau of DiY food and beer.

The Brewing Network – Justin Crossley’s (did I spell that right?) collection of radio podcasts that include the oft-raunchy Sunday Session/The Session (most episodes are over 3 hours long and quite unpredictable), the professionally-minded Brew Strong with Gordon Strong, Brewing With Style/The Jamil Show with Jamil Zainasheff, the now-defunct The Home Brewed Chef, and the all-new Dr. Homebrew (about analyzing homebrew).  The BN Army has appeared on more than one of my competition entries as my “club affiliation”.

Brewing TV – A now-defunct video series made by Northern Brewer (who still makes the back episodes available).

Basic Brewing Radio/Video – A set of short radio and video podcasts made by a couple of very enthusastic amateurs.  Entertaining and informative, but it’s nice it comes in small doses.

BeerSmith – There are more options now than ever, but from beginners to nanobrewers, the vote is clearly out that BeerSmith is the hands-down favorite brew planning software.  It can be intimidating to a beginner, doesn’t have every feature you want (and many you probably don’t – but every brewer wants different things and BeerSmith covers most of it).  He even has a radio podcast once in a while that is very professional and informative.

HomeBrew Talk – My favorite homebrewing forum.  Very active, very helpful, and it’s been around so long that once you learn how to search well, almost everything has already been answered somewhere in there.

How to Brew by John Palmer – One of the first books to introduce a large number of new people to the hobby of homebrewing, John has made his entire book available online to read and search.  But if you really want a hard copy, please don’t print it out – you can buy professionally printed ones (occasionally even signed).

GotMead – An online community like HomeBrew Talk, but entirely focused on making mead.

Brew Free or Die – New Hamshire’s oldest and most active homebrew club, of which I am a member.

Dark Brood Homebrewery – My previous web page about brewing, now serverely out of date, but still has lots of useful information.

The Mad Fermentationist – If you look at the list of blogs that I’m “Following”, you’ll see a lot of great ones that are running on WordPress – this is one that isn’t, so I can’t link it the same way – great blog with some interesting projects….

….more will be added later (many more), but here’s a good start for beginners…


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