BJCP 2014 Update

There is a lot to my writeup of the proposed changes to the BJCP Style Guidelines for 2014, so I’ve set up this landing page for a quick list of the links to the different parts of my review, as well as future responses/updates and reference materials.

My writeup/review of the proposed changes, written days after the presentation by Gordon Strong at the National Homebrewers Convention in 2014, before any discussion in the BJCP forums has begun:

My Reviews

 Gordon Strong’s NHC Presentation

Places to voice your opinions:

  • Right here on this blog, just respond to any of the posts. WordPress forces me to moderate and approve posts by hand, but as long as you’re on-topic and not too offensive, I’ll approve pretty much anything.
  • Chip is encouraging everyone to post responses at any of the Chop & Brew locations: website, youtube presentation page, or facebook.
  • Twitter feeds: @DarkBroodBrews (Me) or @chopandbrew (Chip) to discuss our posts. Other possible feeds are @BJCPComms, @GordonStrong, @HomebrewAssoc, or @brewingnetwork.
  • Finally, direct comments may be emailed to

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