About Brews & Stews

Hey there, all you hep cats out there in this interweaving psychelectrical hologram we casually refer to as “the Net” or “the Web” – you’ve stumbled across the digital projection of my creative mind in the realms of culinary and gastronomic experimentation and experience with particular regard to fermented beverages of spirituous character!

<SIP><SIP><SIP>  mmmm…..beer.

Just yankin’ ya – whould could read that kinda crap for very long!  So, here’s the deal:  My name is Brian Gibson and I love good beer.  And good food.  And really love making both of them.  Tell the truth, I love making a great variety of very different things: from designing international high-rise buildings and bridges to small-scale sculpting and from fine woodworking to gourmet cooking, music, painting, writing, the list goes on.

I’ve been working for some time on the long-term plan of possibly owning a brewpub some day.  A lot of time has been spent in the kitchen, experimenting with different ingredients and recipes.  A lot of time has been spent brewing as well.  With lots of study of anything remotely related in between.

Now I’m transitioning from being a professional artisinal baker to being a professional craft brewer.  In the process of the last few years, I have been grateful to those who have gone before that have documented their experiences and felt that I should do the same.

So this blog will be primarily about beer and brewing beer (at all levels).  There will be a significant amount revolving around food, particularly beer cuisine and using beer or beer ingredients as cooking components.  Here, you will find recipes for both homebrewed beers and for excellent dishes that you can prepare yourself.

There will be coverage of my experiences as a new BJCP Beer Judge and Cicerone, as well as entering into the brewing industry professionally.  There will also be coverage of my own brew days, beer travels, tasting notes, and club events.  I’m a DiY tinkerer, so you’ll likely see plans for a number of brewing gadgets or fallout of other side projects of mine.

I’m a pretty broadly-educated and -experienced guy that’s always looking to expand my base of either (always considered the idea of the “Renaissance Man” to be the highest form of compliment) – I hope that you find my mental excretia to be of some value…or at least entertainment.  You can also follow my day-to-day brewing activities on Twitter @DarkBroodBrews

Thanks for reading.



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