Brewery Intern: Day 02 (Scrubby Grundy)

Bryan and I finished up yesterday by filling a number of kegs and emptying a Grundy tank in the process.  Today started with Craig and I cleaning and sanitizing the Grundy to prepare it for refilling tomorrow with an Irish red.  There is a lot of swapping of lines, running and monitoring of the pump and water temperatures, as well as fill level/pressurization of the tank.

Grundy Tank

Grundy Tank

One of the pumps started with a small leak that started spraying into the housing, so the other pump got dragged back and forth for double duty (pulling hot water from the boil kettle or recirculating the Grundy tank contents).  After breaking the pump down, we gave it a thorough cleaning and relube, before reassembly and a test had it apparently running better than it has in months.  As soon as we get a couple more c-clips in, the plan is to break down the other one for the same treatment.  A log (5 gallon Cornelius keg) of Scotch ale was carbonated for Craig to take to a tasting event this evening – however, it was cancelled, so the keg is ready for the barfront to tap when needed.  Swapped out a couple of spent kegs for filled ones, some discussion of general procedures, potential equipment upgrades, and hop contract planning filled up a good portion of the in-between time.

Thanks to the snow today, we shut down early and I was home for 3:30 today.  Nice to have a couple moments to plan some of the next round of homebrewing activities, then back in tomorrow to filter a fermentor off to the freshly-cleaned, -sanitized, and -pressurized Grundy tank.  Looks like the plan is to be brewing a batch at the brewery on Thursday, after the fermentor is emptied and cleaned/sanitized.  I did manage to snap a couple of photos in the Grundy Room today – we’ll see about getting some into this and last post.  If I find the time this evening, I’ll post up a brew day entry as well.



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